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Cashback, Nugget Game
Bonus and Benefits


All Users are able to generate Cashback.
You will receive a Cashback for your Wagers in certain Services, namely Sports Betting and Casino. The Cashback Service Pot consists of 7.88% of Calculation Base One of Sports Betting and Casino.

Your Cashback will depend on your Wagers in the Services in relation to the total Wagers in the relevant Service at the end of the Pay Period. Your Cashback will be calculated on the basis of this ratio.



If you are the proud owner of Nuggets at the end of a Pay Period, you will be eligible to receive a part of the Nugget Game Bonus Pot as a Nugget Game Bonus.

The Nugget Game Bonus Pot consist of certain percentages of profits made by LOPOCA in each of the Services.

In order to be entitled to receive your Nugget Game Bonus you must have wagered at least EUR 10 on Sports Betting, at the Casino or in the Nugget Game during the relevant Pay Period

Your Nugget Game Bonus will depend on the Number of Nuggets held by you at the end of the Pay Period in relation to the Nuggets of all Users participating in the Nugget Game Bonus.

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